Short Stories

Quick & Creepy Fiction

Call of the Wild

The shadow of the surrounding mesas encompassed the land as the sky slowly grew brighter and more colorful. Olivia gripped her blanket closer and sat down on the lawn chair with her cup of coffee. What called her to park her RV in this particular spot was still a bit of a mystery to her. A year ago she had a vision of this very place, exactly like this, and she settled in to see what the sunrise might bring. Not far from where she sat, she heard the sound of something rustling in the sage brush. She stood up, instantly feeling a wave of fear filling her chest as two glowing, ember-like eyes shone through the darkness. Olivia thought it to be a coyote until the eyes began to move upward, like something standing to full height, a surprising height, that was nearly as high as the roof of her RV. The fear released to full blown panic as the thing darted in her direction. She dropped the coffee, ran inside the RV, and locked the door just as the thing banged into the wall, rocking the vehicle. Olivia covered her ears as the sound of claws scraping against metal and an inhuman growl erupted from outside. She started the RV and, in a cloud of dust, bolted out of there, not daring to look back.