Short Stories

Quick & Creepy Fiction

Grim Premonition

“We just don’t talk about those sorts of things.” Elise’s grandmother scolded her at the end of dinner, hastily grabbing at the left-over plates and utensils that were strewn about the table. Elise stood in the doorway to the dining room, arms crossed. She was nineteen and too old to be talked to like a child. “I know what I saw, Grandma, and we can’t just ignore it! She was there, she’s there every night at the side of my bed.” The older woman straightened up and looked at Elise, the haunted expression her eyes carried sent an involuntary chill down Elise’s spine. “We ignore it, because whenever we talk about her, she gets a little closer, night by night, and her hands, they inch out a little more each and every time she is mentioned. Until….” She stopped and stared off out the window at the rainy night. Elise remembered the story of her grandfather’s sudden death and, for the first time, she realized that she was in real danger.

Brian Cummings