Short Stories

Quick & Creepy Fiction


The stone crypt was covered in eons of dust. Not since the time of Babylon had the sealed stone doors, previously hidden and forgotten, been opened, and Jason was going to be the first to look inside, claiming the treasure within for himself and his crew. As he began the careful escavation of the massive stone slabs, a small part of his mind began to speak as if on its own. “Don’t do this,” it said. He shook it off as he prepared to pull the slab away. “You’ll regret it,” it warned. Again he ignored it, driven by the curiosity of what lie beyond this ancient barrier, a barrier that could rewrite history, and, more importantly, make him filthy rich in the process. He watched with anticipation as the specialized machinery separated the two stone slabs along with the sigils that were carved into their fronts. “Sealing sigils,” he brushed the thought away, grabbed his flashlight and stepped inside. The smell was horrendous, the air thick and damp. He was surprised when he saw the ground littered with crushed bones and skulls, and a towering pile of rocks in the center of the massive chamber, a chamber that, upon further inspection, began to look more and more like some kind of subterranean arena. But it revealed no treasure. No mysterious, highly sought-after artifacts. Nothing. “Are you serious?” Jason snapped to no one in particular. The sound of shifting stones caught Jason’s attention and he turned to tell his men to stop whatever they were doing, only to see the pile of rocks in the center of the room moving on their own accord, tumbling onto the dirt floor. Before Jason could register what was happening, a hardened claw reached out and grabbed him across the chest, and he could hear the sickening echo of his ribs snapping. He stared up into beady red eyes and saw a huge mouth turn into a grin with rows of jagged teeth. Something rose from behind the beast and then came at Jason with lightning speed, causing a searing pain to erupt from his chest and spread all over his crumpled body. In his final, gasping breaths, Jason realized what this thing was: aqrabuamelu, the scorpion man from Babylonian myth, guardians of the Sun God. He never would have dreamed that it was real, but it was, and now he had set it free.