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The Green Men

Dreams are strange things. Nobody seems to know where they come from or why they slip away from our memory, much like a fog that burns away with the morning sun. The following is the first of many weird personal stories. This one poses the question: are we the only one dreaming our dreams?

I was about fifteen or sixteen, back in 2002. We lived on a nine acre farm in a trailer that I am convinced was tainted by some kind of otherworldly presence that was not the least bit church-going in nature… but plenty more on that in later posts. My dad had rigged up an old camper with a power source to keep us teenagers out of the small living quarters while our house was being built. During that time I practically lived out there.

On an ordinary weekend, my two cousins, one a few years younger than me and the other around the age of eight or nine, and my best friend were over playing video games. You know, the good old days when you had to go to other kid’s house to play video games together. So, there we were playing Mariokart 64 and at some point in the night I had to go inside the house to use the bathroom. While inside, I remembered that I needed to tell my mom something. She was already sleep, so I decided to wake her up.

Because my mom has a tendency to be very excitable upon waking and sometimes even flailing about, I trepidatiously tap her on the shoulder and step back as she jumps up. I leap back, preparing for a flail session, but instead she grabs my shirt and pulls me in, looking at me with this wild and fearful look on her face.

“Did you see them?” She whispers.

I smirk and just tell her no, waiting for her to wake up fully, but she just sits there and glances around, her eyes carefully scanning the walls. “You didn’t see them?” She asks again, confused.

“Who? What are you talking about?” I ask. She turns to me and matter of factly says, “The green men. They were running up the walls.” She glances around and lets go of my shirt and soon after, falls back asleep.

I head outside, trying not to laugh my ass off about the weird dream my mom was in the grips of and went back to the camper, completely forgetting to tell her whatever I had meant to tell her. I step in and am immediately engaged in another bout of Mariokart with my older cousin and my best friend. By this time it was nearly eleven at night and my youngest cousin was fast asleep somehow, despite our yelling and cursing. In a matter of hours, the dream my mom told me about was gone from my mind. That was until my cousin woke up staring at us as we are in the middle of a race.

“Did you see them?” He mumbled, his eyes half open.

I remember freezing when I heard those words. “See who?” My older cousin asked, looking at me confused and smiling.

“The little green men. They were running up the walls.”

My friend and my cousin started laughing while I sat quietly and profoundly shit myself. How…? How the fuck did that even happen?

Just a few days ago, I was asking my mom about this story, trying to recount it as best I could. That's when she told me about seeing the Green Men at our first house, before I was even born. She said she didn't think anything of it, assuming it was weird dream, and never told anyone. A few nights later, my dad woke up in the middle of the night, complaining about a strange dream about Green Men running up the walls and scattering about, causing mischief.

We may never know what caused the dreams to coincide like they did. Aliens? Leprechauns? All I know is that I’ve yet to have a dream about them, and I’d rather not see these green dudes running around on the walls, thank you very much.

So if you have a dream about Green Men running up walls, there's a chance that someone else having the same dream.

Brian Cummings